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Cast a Fly - Your fly casting school based in Auckland

Fly fishing is more than just fishing.

- it’s to explore beautiful waters

- it’s chasing after the one incredible fish

- it’s to witness the secrets of mother nature

- it’s the search for the perfect loop

- it’s the thrill while casting to a sighted fish

- it’s the satisfaction when getting a perfect drift

- it’s the mastery of technique which turns into a kind of art

Fly fishing can be something different for everyone, for me it's the most fun!

No matter what fly fishing is for you, if you want to improve you casting to enjoy your next fly fishing adventure even more, if you want to increase your accuracy to place your fly straight in the ring of a rising trout or if you want to cast a little further to reach the one incredible fish, I will be glad to accompany you on your venture.
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